Saying goodbye to poverty

One of the great things about what One Horizon does, is that it works at a grassroots levels.  As Urban Adventures says “REAL PEOPLE, REAL STORIES, REAL CHANGE.  And when we all work together the results are simply inspiring and life changing. By purchasing pigs and setting up grandmas as small business owners, our grandmas achieve income sustainability and are able to support their families within 8 months of starting the project.   No more hunger and  their generational poverty is...
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About One Horizon, a mums perspective

A personal account written by one of One Horizon’s directors wives. To live in a developed country like Australia, the UK or the US and then visit a place like Kenya is incredibly humbling. Kenya is a magnificent country and we love it, but the poverty is overwhelming. It is simply luck that had us born in Sydney and not in a slum in Nairobi. These beautiful people with so much honour and pride only want the best for their...
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One day with the Masai that is unforgetable

  The One Horizon A Day with the Masai is an authentic 1 day tour program that shows you the incredible Masai culture as well as the ability to lift people out of poverty. The program and the funds that are donated from this amazing one day corporate event assists One Horizon to invest in programs that changes many Masai people lives.  There are many popular elements to this program but the most warming is seeing how this program elevates people out of poverty...
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Getting the moves on, African style!

Dance is a great way to retain one’s culture.   But at times it can be taxing when you classmates take a critical review of your dance moves.   But these young boys rose above it all.  They continued on with all the giggles, didn’t look over their shoulders and tried to pretend that the girls weren’t there.  And they just about succeeded.  Click on the image below to see how well they went.  Magic! These kids do this all...
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