ONE HORIZON programs changing children’s lives

Changing children's lives

Imagine if …  you could stop a starving toddler rummaging through filthy garbage dumps for food scraps … shelter a baby who’s been abandoned by parents struggling under the weight of extreme poverty … educate an illiterate child with little hope of a positive future … imagine if you could help break the generational cycle of disadvantage in Kenya’s slum communities …

You can, simply by travelling with One Horizon – your travel experience with us helps us fund programs that are changing children’s lives. 

One Horizon’s Children’s Nutrition Program feeds 2000 toddlers, children and teens each day at  23 of our centres around Nairobi.  Within six months of joining our program their ailments, caused by malnourishment, are dramatically alleviated or cease to exist. As they become healthier, they become happier. School attendance increases from about 30% to 90-95%, they’re able to concentrate and enjoy school more … and, they’re no longer resorting to rubbish bins for food.

One Horizon’s Educating Children Program fills the gap in slum areas where schools simply don’t exist.  We provide teachers and education programs for pre-, primary and secondary school-aged students.  All our programs are registered with authorities so students graduate with qualifications for future employment.  Our school centres also provide nourishing meals for our students.

One Horizon Rescuing Street Kids Program  saves abandoned babies, children and teens from Kenya’s streets.  They face daily perils living such an existence and desperately need a better and safer start to their lives. Our rescue programs provide shelter, food, refuge and often education as well.  Children are safe, nourished and given a chance at a bright future.

One Horizon Community Outreach Program provides education programs that focus on health and hygiene, drugs and alcohol, children’s rights and sex abuse. This program is founded on our core development objectives and also the positive values of sport. It involves establishing sports academies that work with us on nutrition programs that return children to good health and, in the pursuit of physical health, we also provide a range of infrastructure which is designed to foster fitness and a healthy life style.  

More programs that help kids be kids again …

As you’ll see in this video many of the children in our Nutrition Program are also benefitting from other One Horizon programs that clothe them, monitor their height and weight and help Kenya’s most vulnerable young people deal with the sexual and emotional abuse they have suffered.

As their self-esteem and self-confidence increases so does the decibel meter at our centres … once desperate children start to laugh again.

Our travel itineraries to our children’s centres are some of our most popular experiences.

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