ONE HORIZON programs changing community life

Changing community life ...

In Africa more than 1.8 million people die each year as a result of disease caused by poor hygiene practices … 50% of hospital visits in Kenya deal with infections caused by poor cleanliness … many communities do not have access to fresh water or electricity … many families do not enjoy the security of a roof over their heads … and community members see only a bleak future on their horizon due to extreme poverty and few employment prospects …

One Horizon travel experiences fund programs that strengthen communities in the following ways …

One Horizon Clean Water Program aims to prevent infection from water-borne diseases by providing fresh water supplies to communities, either through wells or mains connections.

One Horizon Health Education Program operates in schools to encourage good hygiene practices for life

One Horizon Sanitation Program provides effective sanitation solutions for communities

One Horizon Electricity Program supplies electricity to prevent families using charcoal and kerosene burning stoves, which can have a negative impact on their health.  

One Horizon Re-Housing Program provides permanent community housing solutions for families so they can live in security and with dignity.

One Horizon Employment Program trains and employs local people in Kenyan communities as managers, administrators and supervisors for our humanitarian programs.  We also employ a variety of  contractors including teachers, builders, carpenters, cooks, drivers, guides and health care workers as well as supporting small farm owners by purchasing fresh food from them for our centres.

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One Horizon Manufacturing Program supports Kenyans who we have trained through a range of other programs – the aim of this program is to supply the equipment they need to produce goods and increase productivity – generating income opportunities for individuals contributes to the wellbeing of the entire community.

One Horizon Curios and Jewellery Program contracts local jewellery and artefact designers to pass on their skills to trainees – following their training, we provide these Kenyans with business skills, start-up capital and marketing support so they can start their own small businesses.

One Horizon Candle Making Program provides the opportunity to help communities generate their own income by providing the training, infrastructure and start-up working capital to create candles which are sold in communities where residents lack any form of power.

One Horizon Second-Hand Clothing Program encourages donations of second hand clothing – a proportion of these clothes are used to help communities set up second hand clothing businesses – we teach them the fundamentals of running a business and the profits are used to purchase their own supplies – before too long, our communities are self sufficient and income producing.

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