ONE HORIZON programs changing grandmas' lives

Changing grandma's lives

They’ve suffered the heartache of losing their children … now they’ve taken on the responsibility of caring for their orphaned grandchildren. It’s a common scenario in Kenya where so many families have been impacted by HIV and AIDS … grandmas in their 70s, working in hard manual labour to earn a meagre $1 a day to help feed their loved ones … grandmas who are malnourished and living well below the poverty line …

One Horizon’s travel experiences fund programs that can turn grandmas’ lives around in just eight months.

One Horizon’s Pig Farming Program purchases five pigs for each grandma to raise, provides feed for the pigs and trains the grandmas in pig husbandry. Within 8 months the pigs are breeding, with each litter producing 10-15 piglets. With 5 sows, the grandmas are ensured of a ready supply of pigs for future breeding and sale. One Horizon has negotiated an agreement with distributors to buy their pigs so very quickly the grandmas become self-sufficient in food and income. They can feed their families and learn to manage their farming enterprises so they no longer One Horizon.

One Horizon’s Chicken Program is another small business initiative for  grandmas, which trains them to care for and breed healthy chickens. Eggs and chicken meat provide protein rich food for their families and excess eggs can be sold to buy fruit and vegetables. An active breeding program results in 1000 chickens within two years so again, the grandmas’ enterprises are quickly self sustaining.

One Horizon Nurturing Grandmas Program establishes field centres where grandmas can gather for a nourishing meal and social interaction … One Horizon recognises grandmas need nurturing too!


Bonding with grandmas over pigs and a cuppa … One of our itineraries takes travellers to a local market to purchase pigs, which they then hand over to the grandmas they visit, bonding over a cup of tea at their home and experiencing life in a Kenyan farming community at a grass roots level – it’s a moving and emotional experience for all.

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Louise, Canada

“This was truly a special outing. Such a privilege to meet Peris,
her sister and sister-in-law, and to hear their stories of difficulty and resilience. ”


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