ONE HORIZON programs changing women’s lives

Changing women's lives

Their stories are horrific … women who become sick and discover they are infected with HIV … women who are ostracised by their communities – even their families … some are victims of domestic violence, others are single mothers  … they resort to living in drains and fields … with their young children, foraging for food … women with no resources and little hope … becoming sicker by the day 

One Horizon’s travel experiences fund programs that create a bright and sustainable future for desperate women.

One Horizon’s Women’s Empowerment Program helps impoverished women living with HIV build a new life and keep their families together.   It’s an 18-month vocational training program that gives women the skills and support to start their own business.  This holistic program also provides food and rent during the program as well as a micro-finance scheme, peer support and lifestyle and wellness counselling.

One Horizon Keeping Families Together Program supports the graduates of our Women’s Empowerment program, providing rent-free accommodation for four years, following their graduation, as they build their businesses.  During this time we also support the growth of their business with advice, monitoring  and mentoring.

Our Keeping Families Together program also supports a group of women who make traditional Masai jewellery.  We sell their jewellery through our online shop and the proceeds help pay their salaries.  Some of these Masai women are now land owners as well as business owners!  Our travel itineraries include a Masai jewellery making experience with them and they host our travellers in their new homes.

From living in a drain to graduating with a diploma …

As you’ll see in this video the outcomes of our Women’s Empowerment program are stunning. 

Within six months these once desperate women have learned to manage their HIV – their stress reduces, their self-esteem grows and they begin to hope for a positive future. They also have the skills to start earning money for our micro-finance scheme which provides their business start-up capital when they graduate.

Within three years most have graduated and are proud business owners.  Their families are provided for, happy – and, most importantly,  together.   

Within four years our entrepreneurial graduates are increasingly becoming land-owners – independent and free.

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