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Corporate Social Responsibility

Enabling social impact through the workplace

With One Horizon you can design your organisations Corporate Sponsorship Program to reflect your objectives, skills and budget. The scope of the sponsorship program you wish to undertake will depend on your level of financial commitment and the extent of your staff’s involvement.  

Please feel free to peruse some possible options outlined below.  We have feeding, resources, environment and small business programs and the opportunity for bespoke business programs.

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Sponsor a School Feeding Program

25% of children under the age of 5 are chronically underweight and infant mortality is appallingly high. A regular, wholesome nutrition program sets children up for life and is one of the highly valued sponsorship programs offered by One Horizon.

In line with WHO guidelines, you can help us provide nutritious breakfasts and lunches, balanced and varied to ensure that adequate levels of protein, carbohydrates and fats are included. It’s worth remembering that our children are drawn from the poorest communities where even one meal a day could not always be guaranteed. The benefits from regular nutrition can be measured by improvements in the children’s health, energy levels, concentration in class, educational outcomes, happiness and emotional stability.

Sponsor a School Resources Program

Sponsoring a One Horizon School Resources Program ensures a child is able to maximise their learning outcomes. In many underprivileged schools, resources are either stretched to the limit or non-existent. This makes the learning process difficult and harder than it needs to be. Adequately resourced schools maximise the individual potential of each student.

Library Books, School Room Equipment, Syllabus Text Books, Student Kits, Student Uniforms Package, Sanitary Products, Mattresses.

Sponsor a Better Environment Program

Sponsoring One Horizons Better Environment Program to improve living conditions in Kenya’s disadvantaged communities, means improved health and fewer hospital admissions.

Improved Housing Providing new housing is helping to eliminate chronic ailments and diseases caused by poor ventilation, dampness and smoke from fuel stoves.  Our two room bungalows also help to keep families together

Supply of Fresh Water We provide water wells and fresh water supplies to ensure the purity of drinking water and the mitigation of disease spread by polluted water.

New Toilet Blocks Our environmentally sound toilet blocks contribute to the effectiveness of non-polluting waste elimination, minimising hospital admissions due to inadequate sanitary hygiene practices.

Sponsor a Small Business Program

Sponsoring One Horizons Small Business Program helps individuals and communities break the poverty cycle by giving them the opportunity to gain the skills and expertise needed to establish and sustain a way of earning a living.  Below are the three main programs we operate.

One Horizon’s Chicken Farm Program

Chicken and Pig Farm programs are rated by international aid agencies as one of the best development initiatives to undertake.

How does it work?

Establishing a small business based on a small chicken and/or farm means a community has access to much needed protein. The excess eggs and meat are sold generating income for other basic needs. Chicken and pig programs are relatively easy to establish and within 6 months are able to provide the dietary needs and enough income necessary to sustain communities.

The Sponsorship covers:

The initial stock of chickens and pigs
Building of a chicken coop and pig pens
Supplies of chicken and pig feed for 12 months
The vaccination supplies and program which ensure the chickens and pigs health
A month’s training and development program in chicken and pig breeding

One Horizons Curios and Jewellery Program

How does it work?

The One Horizon Curioss and Jewellery Program is an excellent initiative. It‘s focus is to develop local expertise and artisans, training them to produce a variety of African influenced jewellery and objets d-art. The Curioss and Jewelry program has also been introduced to schools as a classroom activity where design concepts are taught along with the techniques required to make customised jewellery. Production of customised jewellery has proven to be very popular.

A stall is established in one of the major shopping malls frequented by overseas visitors to showcase and sell the artifacts and jewellery in addition to on-line sales. Sales revenue is channeled back to the community providing much needed support.

The Sponsorship covers:

Raw materials required to make the artifacts and jewellery (12 months’ supply)
The design templates for the jewellery and artifact portfolio
The training and development program involved in jewellery making
A stall at a shopping mall for a period of 12 months

One Horizon Vocational Retraining Program

How does it work?

One Horizon conducts vocational training programs for women in a variety of disciplines but most notably as seamstresses. Participation in the training program lasts for approximately 12 months. The women are taught not only the prerequisite skills required but how to run and manage their own small business. Each woman upon graduation is provided with:

A sewing machine and initial supplies.
A small business loan which can be used to establish a business and purchase further supplies.
The Sponsorship Covers:

A sewing machine for each trainee and its maintenance during the training period
Raw materials used in the training
A qualified trainer to conduct and administer the training program
5 small business workshops conducted by experts in small businesses during the course of the training.

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