our story by numbers

Our story in numbers....

Why we exist, what we’ve achieved and how many lives our humanitarian programs and sustainable tourism travel experiences have changed …


‘WHY’ In Kenya alone:

50% of people live on or below the poverty line;

25% of children under 5 years are chronically malnourished and underweight;

45% of people – or more – are estimated to be unemployed;

47% of the population is aged 14 years or less and 19 years is the mean age;

2.4 million children are orphans;

38 per 1,000 births is the rate of infant mortality (compared to 5 per 1,000 births in western societies);

$US1,300 is the average annual income per person;


WHAT we’ve achieved

50 operational programs have been established by One Horizon, in South Africa and Kenya, during the past 10 years.


ONE HORIZON has also changed community life:

10 local community field kitchens have been established for grandmas;

60 ablution blocks have been established in communities;

80 water wells and fresh water supplies have been created for communities;

10 rent-free housing communities have been established;

100 homes have been supplied with electricity;

50% is the reduction in hospital admissions due to our health and hygiene programs;


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HOW many lives have changed:

2000 once hungry children now receive a healthy breakfast and lunch daily and are no longer rummaging through garbage tips and rubbish bins for scraps of food;

2000 once chronically ill children are now receiving medical support and monitoring;

500 women have graduated from our Women’s Empowerment program, established their own small businesses and have learned they can live a healthy and positive life with HIV;

100 single parent families have been kept together through our Keeping Families Together Resettlement Program – and supplied with electricity;

30 Massai women are involved in our Keeping Families Together Massai Jewellery Program, earning money and hosting one of our travel experiences;

100 grandmas caring for their orphaned grandchildren are now running self-sustaining chicken and pig farm enterprises;

Michelle, Australia

“Thank you all for such an amazing time!! Have enjoyed sharing
this experience with you. Kenya is a beautiful country and you have such a beautiful spirit,
thank you for opening your country and hearts to us.. ”


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