Safari Na Sisi

our travel experiences are for everyone


A magic Kenya experience creates life time bonds when it’s shared with your friends, family, colleagues, team mates or that one special person in your life …

Sharing the One Horizon experience …

Couples One Horizon communities love welcoming honeymooners and couples taking a romantic break.

Families Changing the lives of Kenyan families is a bonding experience for your own family as you’re welcomed to homes on the outskirts of Nairobi and to our centres.

Schools, Universities & Colleges A One Horizon travel experience is a ‘field excursion’ that broadens minds and horizons.

Seniors Your life skills are incredibly valuable to our programs … a One Horizon holiday that changes Kenyan lives can also enrich yours.

Community groups You know how much can be achieved by working together as ONE and can help us create brighter horizons for disadvantaged people while enjoying a holiday that embraces your ethos.

Professional groups If your expertise and skills are applicable to the work we do, our travel experiences can introduce you to new situations and circumstances that push boundaries, redefine goals and change lives.

Corporates Whether it’s team building or leadership skills you’re looking to enhance, engaging with our people and our programs will help your team find a new way to face challenges and encourage a different way to think about innovation and problem solving.

Sporting groups Why not consider an end-of-season getaway with a  difference – and, make a difference?  Only good stories can come from journeying with us as your team bonds through a series of humanitarian and wildlife experiences.

Enquire about our group holidays and how we can customise a Kenyan experience just for you. 

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