Safari Na Sisi

Spare time in Kenya? Spend it with us! Choose a humanitarian experience, add a wildlife safari or customise your itinerary
One Horizon offers day trips if you’ve already arranged your Kenyan holiday, but would like to include a ‘grass roots’ humanitarian experience that connects you with the heart of Kenya - its inspiring people …

Our one day itineraries can be downloaded below or, you can include longer humanitarian experiences during your time in Kenya.  One Horizon also offers itineraries that include wildlife safaris and accommodation and we specialise in customised Kenyan experiences for individuals, couples, families and groups.

One Day

Life-changing one day outings


If you have a spare day in Kenya, why not make it a life-changing one with a One Horizon tour?


Help feed hungry school children

Help at an orphanage for street children

Help out at a soup kitchen for abandoned toddlers

Helping grandmas become business owners

The amazing women of Kenya forging new lives

In Focus: A Day with the Masai

In Focus: From the Farm to a Feast

In Focus

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