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About education sponsorship

When you sponsor education through One Horizon Africa, you will be sponsoring a severely disadvantaged or abandoned child so that they have a chance to grow up healthy and happy.

As a sponsor you will be able to write to the child you are sponsoring, have a SKYPE meeting and you are always welcome to visit. In other words, you will be able to monitor their progress and see how they are progressing. We use the word ‘sponsoring’ to mean that’s the sponsor enables us to feed, educate and to provide basic medical treatment.

Giving children a chance in life

50% of the population in Kenya live below the poverty which means people try to survive on less than $3 dollars a day. Poverty is grinding and debilitating and the consequence of this and of the HIV infection in Africa is that many children find themselves orphaned and/or abandoned. These are children who often have no options. Unwanted by some parents and their other family, the community struggles even to provide the most basic care for these children.

Sponsoring is a great way to help

Sponsoring is a great and practical way of helping children who, through no fault of their own, have nothing and no-one. By sponsoring, you will offer a child real hope. Your funds will help provide them with a nutritious breakfast and lunch every day as well as an education and healthcare. This is vitally important if they are to develop into responsible and healthy adults able to contribute to their communities. They need to be able to lead a full and purposeful life.

Regular updates

We will send you updates on how your sponsored child is progressing and have a SKYPE meeting twice a year. You are welcome to write to your sponsored child.

Your contribution

Every cent of every dollar of your sponsorship is spent on the child in terms of their food needs, education and medical support. Where the entire sponsorship is not spent in a particular month, the balance is held in trust and spent when it is needed in situations such as a visit to a doctor and/or purchasing the required medicine.

You can cancel your monthly contribution any time you want to as that ability rests solely with sponsors and not One Horizon.

The case for sponsoring education of a child

Is education sponsorship the best way to help children in developing countries? Some common child sponsorship criticisms of sponsorship and our responses are below.

An often stated criticism

“Sponsorship contributions are pooled with other donations and used to support projects to benefit the local community”

One Horizon’s response:
One Horizon Africa is not a general poverty relief charity. We have 7 objectives in our charter (please refer to www.onehorizon.net and Our Development Objectives) which channel our responses into specific programs that overcome poverty.

Our staff buy and prepare the food, ensure that the child receives a plentiful portion each day and are educated according to the Kenyan education system so that they emerge with a recognised qualification. And when they require medical attention, our staff take the child to their appointment, ensure that the bill is paid, the antibiotics are purchased and administered.

Another criticism about sponsorship being degrading

“It is degrading for the sponsored child (and for the family) to be reminded of their dependency on a stranger. For this reason, communication with sponsors is often discouraged.”

One Horizon’s response:
Sponsorship of children within Kenya by Kenyans is very common and it is not associated with or perceived in any way as being negative. Indeed, the President and many politicians, as well as ordinary citizen’s sponsor children. We believe that sponsorship is actually positive rather than degrading to the child since they know there is someone somewhere interested in their welfare.

Another criticism about sponsorship funds being gouged by admin expenses

“The administration expenses involved in sponsorship are high and this money could be better used directly helping poverty.”

One Horizon’s response:
One Horizon is a self-funded organisation which is able to do much more than a normal charity in that our corporate sponsors support our very meagre infrastructure. Sponsorship funds are part of the One Horizon Trust. As such they are independently audited and available for all to see. We do not take one cent of sponsorship funds to support our operation because we don’t have to.

Another criticism about revealing children's private details

“There are privacy issues involved in publishing details of children available to sponsor.”

One Horizon’s response
We do not give out children’s details publicly and we do not publish photographs and names of children unless we have permission to do so. Sponsors get the details of the children they support but they are not given permission to publish these. Each child has only

Why sponsor with One Horizon?

Simply we are a grassroots organisation which was set up by committed individuals who wanted to make a difference. At the end of the day One Horizon is transparent. And we are always available to talk to you if you have any concerns.

Our commitment is

1. to support vulnerable child through their earliest years and to provide you with regular updates on your child’s progress

2. to provide updates on how your donation is being used and to spend every cent on your child and not on One Horizon

3. for sponsorships to have a positive and long-term impact on children health and well-being.


Our development objectives are achieved through an integrated community development approach whereby One Horizon and in-country partners assist and support communities in various ways.


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