Sustainable tourism

changing lives through sustainable tourism

Sustainable Tourism

As One Horizon travellers interact with the children and women our programs are helping, they come to realise that global poverty can be solved – it’s not insurmountable and everyone can play a role … you too can contribute to forging change by travelling with One Horizon …

Sustainable Tourism – People helping People

The positive impact of One Horizon’s sustainable tourism travel experiences is a two-way street.

Anyone who’s journeyed with us will tell you that One Horizon safaris change lives forever – the lives of struggling Kenyans … and their lives too.

Our travel experiences are personal, intimate and individual – they touch different people in different ways, but all who travel with us leave us with hope … as they connect with grass roots Kenya, they discover how our humanitarian programs are changing lives from poverty to independence  – and how they have contributed to this change by sharing a sustainable tourism experience with us.

Celebrate 2017 with One Horizon in Kenya

2017 is the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development – and One Horizon’s 10th anniversary!

There’s no better time to travel with us and celebrate the thousands of lives our humanitarian programs and travel experiences have changed during the past decade.

Visit our Facts & Stats page to discover why we exist and how Kenyan lives are changing.

This video showcases just one of our sustainable tourism travel experiences –  herding cattle with Masai tribesmen, creating a piece of traditional Massai jewellery, lunching with the local community and sharing Peris’ horrific yet inspiring story as you discover how One Horizon’s Women’s Empowerment Program changed her life forever … possibly even saved it.

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Chad, Canada

“I told my family that after seeing
the work you and your team do
that I now believe that angels really do exist.”


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