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“An experience like no other.”  



Michael, USA

“I’d like to tell you how seeing Africa with One Horizon changed my life.”

Julie, Australia

Dear OH staff, Together you have all given us such a rich experience while in Nairobi. I am in awe of the contribution One Horizon is making in so many ways to so many communities. You are all truly inspirational and fantastic people. It was such a pleasure to get to know you and spend time with you. Thank you!

Brigid, USA

We had an extraordinary day in Nairobi with One Horizon’s Farm to Feast excursion. It was fun and educational–a lovely and meaningful day that was a real highlight of our time in Kenya. It was simply one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.


There are some people out in the world who are truly amazing – dedicating their lives to helping others in need! One Horizon is a great example of what we are all capable of! Our day with One Horizon was probably the most amazing day I have ever had. What an experience! What inspiring people!

Tim, Australia

Dear Friends, They say that saving a life is saving a generation. The hundreds upon 
thousands of lives that you save and improve on a daily basis, equate to a contribution to our world that I had never come across until meeting all of you. The work that you do, and the kindness and compassion with which you do it, is a true inspiration that has changed my outlook on life. With love and the hope for a better world for all.These guys do amazing work! If anyone is looking for a charity to support in Africa, I have firsthand experience with One Horizon having travelled to Kenya with them through work. They’re a truly altruistic organisation doing unbelievable things in the slums of Kenya.

Lesley, The Netherlands

During my recent trip to Nairobi I spent a day with One Horizon at the grandma scheme in Kikuyu. A truly inspiring and humbling day spent with a small group of the grandmas who have been empowered by the chicken and pig farming initiative. To be able to donate chickens and feed to help change their lives was a privilege and their deep gratitude was heart-warming.

One of the grandmas is head teacher of the local school and I was welcomed by all the children who sang and danced to celebrate my arrival. Together with four of the grandmas we then went to one of their homes and cooked a traditional lunch which we shared together. After lunch the grandmas then told their stories – I was moved to tears by the inner strength of these amazing women and their resilience to cope with hardships which no-one should have to suffer. They are so grateful for the help which they have been given and the fact that there is now light at the end of the tunnel. As I left I felt humbled and grateful to have been given the chance to spend a day with these inspiring people and to have been able to play a small part in this amazing project!

One Horizon is doing a fantastic job to make a real difference in people’s lives. They have dedicated personnel who really care and are an example to us all. One Horizon has captured a place in my heart.

Penny, Canada

“Dear OH, I’ve been back to work for 5 days now, but I think a part of me is still lingering in Kenya. We had a wonderful vacation, but the day with you in Nairobi looms larger in memory. I wish I’d asked more questions at the time, but really wasn’t prepared for the experience. The resilience of those women, with their big smiles and welcoming songs…….it was a joy and a privilege to meet them. All those happy kids…….I know their hopefulness is thanks to you …….”

Chris, Australia

Just wanted to say thanks once more for hosting us with One Horizon. We were lucky enough to stay in some fantastic resorts for the rest of our honeymoon, yet that day in Kibera with the kids was my favourite day of the whole trip, and is a memory that will stay with the two of us forever. Yourself and XXX were fantastic and together with the kids smiles made our day!! Good luck with everything, and keep up the great work you are doing, as well as your positive attitude that is truly infectious!

Mary Lever-Morrison, Nairobi

On behalf of all of us at Giraffe Manor and the guests who were fortunate enough to be here on Christmas Eve, I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for your efforts to bring the children to the Manor to sing for us. It was a truly special occasion that touched many of us deeply and helped us to better understand the good work that you & One Horizon are doing. The children looked so happy & healthy and well and this is undoubtedly attributable to everything you are doing.

Chad, Canada

Dear XXX, Your hospitality for us while in Nairobi was fantastic. You have assembled an amazing team of people at One Horizon. Please thank the team for us as well. We will not forget the images and lasting memories of our visit with you guys. The whole family agrees that our only regret is we didn’t spend more time with the One Horizon family. The boys have already asked if we can return to Kibera to visit you guys and the children next year. This very limited experience has had an important impact on us all permanently. We promise to keep in touch. Although I am not a religious person, I told my family that after seeing the work you and your team do that I now believe that angles really do exist. I mean that sincerely. I am positive in your line of work there is some pretty dark days….when these days happen please remember that it is people like you and the One Horizon team that truly change the lives of the people around you. That is a very special gift you give back to the world every day. There are not enough people like you guys in the world. In life 99.9% of the people are like thermometers and only measure the temperature around them….but people like you guys are thermostats and actually change the temperature for the people around you. You guys are truly remarkable and the world is a better place because of you and your team. Not only have my eyes been opened to the daily tragedies that exist outside of my small bubble here in Canada but you have also given me hope and assurance that there is still people in the world that truly care about the lives of others.

Infinity Holidays

In its lead article on the 29th of April, KarryOn ran the story of Infinity Educationals foray with One Horizon into South Africa and the impact the visit had on all those involved. As a result of the visit and seeing the work of One Horizon and how people can become involved, Infinity Holidays is now contracting One Horizon’s 3, 5 and 7 day humanitarian tours to be distributed through Flight Centre stores. This video is a moving account of the experience of Infinity staffers and their reaction to the One Horizon centres they visited and the people they met. This video was made by Infinity for internal distribution and was made on their own volition.



Helen, Kenya

Dear OH staff, In such a short time you have shared with us so very much, your work, your lives, your country, your friendship. I thank you with all my heart for this gift. You are incredible people & the world is a better place with you.

Beck, Australia

Dear OH staff, Thank you for making the world just that bit brighter. I hope we can all 
continue to keep looking at that same ‘One Horizon’ and we will always be together as one world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dear OH staff, This week has been fantastic to spend with such wonderful people with such big hearts. You have all inspired us and we will all be finding ways to come back and make the world a better place with you.

Stacey, Australia

Thank you for everything you have done for us and for everything you do to make the world a better place. If I could be half as giving as all of you are I would be blessed. It has been an honour – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dee, Canada

I believe that travel changes your perspective of the world and the people in it. There are only so many things, images in magazines and footage on the TV can convey – to truly understand something you have to be there in person, touch, smell, see and feel it. When I visited Kenya this past February and went to some of the schools and centres that One Horizon runs it was a real eye opener. I had to “see it to believe it”, and in some instances I suffered from complete culture shock. Being with the One Horizon team enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of some very complex human issues faced by the people of Kenya, and armed with this new knowledge I now feel I can help with greater impact. Experiences like the ones I had with One Horizon connected me to the people of Kenya, and this above all else during my trip is what I will remember forever. A big thank you to the staff of One Horizon who were my guides, my teachers, and also my friends.

Veronica, USA

When my husband and I signed up to volunteer, we had no idea what the school would be like or where in Nairobi it would be located. Upon arrival, we were led into the schoolyard which doubled as a back-yard and laundry area for surrounding homes. Here, a group of 30 kids were in the middle of physical education. PE was followed by our English class, Kenya’s second language next to Kiswahili, and then lunch! The school has two classrooms and an attached cooking room where all meals are prepared on a small coal cooker – there is no electricity, no running water. With the guidance of the neighborhood cook and the One Horizon team, we chopped vegetables and hand-sorted rice to make made a meat and vegetable stew with potatoes. Meal time is definitely the highlight of the day, but the kids at Kawangware Children’s Centre are bright, excited and engaged in everything they do; and it is no doubt thanks to the invaluable services and environment provided by One Horizon. It was our honor to spend the day with them all.


There are some people out in the world who are truly amazing – dedicating their lives to helping others in need! One Horizon is a great example of what we are all capable of! Our day with One Horizon was probably the most amazing day I have ever had. What an experience! What inspiring people!

Julie, Australia

Dear OH staff, Together you have all given us such a rich experience while in Nairobi. I am in awe of the contribution One Horizon is making in so many ways to so many communities. You are all truly inspirational and fantastic people. It was such a pleasure to get to know you and spend time with you. Thank you!


Dear OH Staff, Thank you all so much for the incredible experience you have given us this week. I am so inspired by the work that you do every single day. I’ve completely fallen in love with Kenya and its people. I will see you all again very soon.

Pauline, Australia

For any company or individual wishing to experience an amazing organisation – I can’t commend One Horizon highly enough. The staff are dedicated, dynamic and sincere in all their efforts to make a difference in the lives of so many affected women and children. We were incredibly humbled but equally energised by this once in a lifetime experience. We left Australia as a group of employees working for the same, large company, not knowing each other and left Kenya a week later as lifelong friends with a new, and for some, a refreshed perspective on life. One Horizon looked after all the arrangements perfectly and each day was filled with a sense of adventure and purpose and each day ended with immense satisfaction and emotion, not to mention sheer joy. We all left a piece of our hearts in Kenya and certainly with the staff, partners, and women & children at all the Centres that we visited. The work One Horizon is doing on the ground is remarkable but more importantly – it is life changing, sustainable and will have long lasting results. Not only for the recipients but for our team too!

Terry, United Kingdom

I recently had the pleasure to join the One Horizon team in Nairobi for almost a week in October 2015. Without a doubt this has been the most overwhelming experience. Incredible humanity, love and compassion in abundance. A total privilege to witness first-hand the amazing, ground breaking work that the team are providing for many disadvantaged, beautiful people of all ages. I have been so touched and feel incredibly fortunate to have shared these precious days with you all. I can’t thank you enough at One Horizon for all that you are and all that you do.

The Flight Centre Crew

To the amazing One Horizon family, We have no words to thank you and say how much we admire you and what you do. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

Michelle, Australia

Thank you all for such an amazing time!! Have enjoyed sharing this experience with you. Kenya is a beautiful country and you have such a beautiful spirit, thank you for opening your country and hearts to us.

Cath, Australia

The 5 days I spent with One Horizon changed my life. I am very grateful for the opportunity to see your beautiful Kenya and more importantly, the Kenyan people. You do amazing work and I pray for you all.


Dear OH staff, I am finding it really difficult to express everything that is in my heart. This experience has been incredible and I feel as though I have made some life long friends. I can’t thank you all enough for this gift. The work you do is fantastic and you have changed many lives (mine included). I hope to help you in this vision. I will be back! Love you all very much and will miss you.

Louisa Canada

This was truly a special outing. Such a privilege to meet Peris, her sister and sister-in-law, and to hear their stories of difficulty and resilience. Incredibly strong, beautiful women. I applaud the efforts of One Horizon and what they do to support people to make a life. Was moving and inspiring to hear about Peris’ particular success story. The afternoon of jewelery making was lovely — a nice way to interact, given the language barrier, and to learn a bit about their arts. The area that we visited was so beautiful – very peaceful. XXXX and all of the supporting staff were truly wonderful – they took great care of me. They are tremendously dedicated and passionate individuals. I learned a lot from them during our conversations. All in all, a unique tourist experience that also gives back.

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