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The ways you can interact on a One Horizon safari are as endless as the Kenyan horizon … simply by ‘being there’ you are helping impoverished Kenyan women and children create sustainable and happy futures … and, just maybe, your life will change too as your safari to the heart of Kenya also becomes a ‘journey within’ …

Your Safari, Your Choice

Safari is Swahili for ‘journey’ and your One Horizon safari is a journey that spans emotions and touches the heart as you connect with the Kenyans our programs are helping.

Simply by visiting Kenyan communities with us, you are helping to change lives from poverty to independence … and our travel experiences encourage you to leave a further positive impact by interacting and connecting with the Kenyans you meet – if you want, how you choose. 

One Horizon safaris offer a myriad of opportunities for you to help forge change … you can read with homeless children, feed orphaned babies, play with toddlers, create traditional jewellery with Masai women, herd cattle with Masai tribesmen, help grandmas tend their new pig farms, support once desperate women in their start-up business ventures, attend the emotional graduation ceremonies of One Horizon’s vocation and education programs, nurture chickens with school students, join us on a Kenyan wildlife adventure, join in a traditional Kenyan song and dance ceremony, help us monitor the health of abandoned babies, cook up a lunch with a Kenyan family, help us prepare meals for once starving children, share stories with amazing women … or simply enjoy a ‘cuppa’ with an inspiring grandma.

When you embark on a One Horizon safari you’ll always receive a song and dance welome at the communities you visit – and leave with everlasting memories of fun and laughter, inspiration and admiration … occasionally you may shed a quiet tear, but you’ll return home knowing you’ve truly contributed to changing lives forever.

DISCOVER how you can forge change on a One Horizon safari

Anything is possible on a One Horizon safari and we welcome any life or professional skills you can bring to the communities you’ll visit – please take a look at our itineraries and imagine how you can interact with the people you’ll meet and the places you’ll see.

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